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Terms and Conditions

Qari Shop Terms and Conditions

This document is the Terms and Conditions of the website (online shop) located at

This document is a mutually binding agreement, that is formed between you and LLC Mercury. The registered address of LLC Mercury is Tbilisi, Saburtalo, Tsintsadze str. 43, apt 4a. LLC Mercury will be referred to as Qari in this Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and any other guidelines and instructions. 

In case of questions, claims, requests, please, contact us via e-mail. Our team is ready to answer your questions. 

Terms and Conditions together with its amendments and other regulations of Qari constitute as one document and shall be deemed as an entire agreement formed with the customer.

When you register on our website you agree to its Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Refund/Replacement, and Delivery Conditions, you agree that you have read and agree to be bound by these documents. 

In case you do not agree with Qari's legal documents, do not use the website, however, please send us your suggestions via e-mail.

  1. Subject;

After registering one's account on the website, the customer is entitled to purchase items in Qari online shop. 

Each separate order is a separate purchase agreement, parties of which are the authorized customers and LLC Mercury. The order generates the subject of purchase, its price, and the delivery address;

Terms and conditions of the online shop, together with general regulations of the purchase agreement are regulated under the presented agreement.

  1. Account;

In order to purchase items in Qari online shop, you shall register on the website (hereafter referred to as website);

In order to register, you shall fill the registration form and indicate your information on the following:

  • E-mail;
  • Telephone number
  • Name and last name;
  • Physical Address.

You will receive the notification in your e-mail to activate your profile. You will become an authorized user after the activation and you will have an access to purchase items in Qari shop.

You should read and agree with the following Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Delivery conditions, Refund/Replacement conditions. Additionally, you should indicate whether you would like your contact information to be used for direct marketing purposes.

While registering, you generate your login and password that will be used for further authorization. Do not give this information to third parties. You are responsible for the confidentiality of your account, log-in, and password, which includes restricted usage of your computer or mobile device. You agree that you are responsible for any activities conducted by your authorized account. In case you will become aware that your account is used by unauthorized third parties please, inform us immediately. 

While filling in the registration form, you confirm that information you indicate is true and correct.

Do not use the name and the last name of another person. Do not use the name or last name that might be offensive and humiliating to others. 

In case we detect incorrect information, a fake profile, or a customer who violates Qari’s legal documents, Qari will use the preserved rights to cancel the account without prior notification.

  1. Purchase;

You can select items in Qari shop and place them in your cart.

Check the indicated address before proceeding to payment. Make sure that the address indicated is the actual address you want your item to be delivered to, and then proceed with payment. 

After placing your orders in the cart, you will be redirected to the payment page. Your bank operator may add additional commissions to the purchase price of the item for bank services. Please, check the final amount before you confirm your transaction.

After completing your transaction, you will be redirected to the Qari website, where you will find your order details. A Completed purchase and order history will be visible from your profile. 

Qari is entitled to refuse or cancel the order in case of reasonable doubt on fraud, illegal or unpermitted transaction.

Please, find The Delivery Conditions here.

Items purchased in Qari shop are delivered in Tbilisi by our partner delivery company – LLC Mercury Delivery (identification number 405430500) and in any other city of Georgia – by LLC Informational Communication systems (representative Federal Express Corporation in Georgia). While purchasing the item, you agree that LLC Mercury Delivery or LLC Informational Communication systems (representative Federal Express Corporation in Georgia) will provide you the delivery services. You and LLC Mercury Delivery are parties of the delivery service agreement.

Price of LLC Mercury Delivery’s express delivery service is 12 Gel, this sum is included in the price of the product. LLC Mercury Delivery will deliver products purchased in Qari shop on the same day. Orders placed after 20:00 will be delivered the next day in Tbilisi. In any city other than Tbilisi, purchased items will be delivered on the next working day, price of delivery is generated by the end of the order.

  1. Rules of Payment;

Qari receives only cash-free payments. 

For each purchase, the customer will be redirected from Qari shop to the payment page, where he/she indicates the data of the payment card. The payment request is processed and confirmed by the relevant bank. 

Qari does not have access to the payment transaction page and the data of your card.

In case of a successful transaction, a consequent notification will pop out on your screen. You will receive the confirmation of the order after completing the payment. 

  1. Closure of account and restriction of access; 

Qari is entitled to close or restrict access to any personal account notifying the aforementioned account owner via email only if it considers that the terms and conditions are violated or a customer is registered using fraudulent information. If you receive such notification from Qari, please contact us immediately. 

  1. Marketing activities;

When you register on the website, you agree to subscribe to newsletters, marketing, or promotional materials. In case you agree, you will receive the various news of website, different proposals and information on your e-mail.

You are entitled to cancel your subscription and refuse informational updates by sending us a notification via email.  

  1. Copyright;

Any text, graphical images, animated images, items, etc on the website are exclusively owned by Qari. 

Qaris trademark is registered in Sakpatenti and is ა property of LLC Mercury. Any use of images, items placed on the Qari website without our prior written consent is strictly forbidden. You do not have the right, to use our trademark or the images placed on our website in relation to your product, or service. You do not have the right to use them in a way that humiliates or harasses Qari. In case of such violation, Qari is entitled to address legal means of self-defense. You will be responsible for the material and non-material damages, damages may include expenses for remuneration damages, including attorney and court fees. 

Purchase of any item on the website does not transfer any copyrights. 

We respect the copyrights of other people and encourage you to protect ours. 

In case you are the owner of protected copyright and you think that subject of your copyright was illegally placed on our website, please, contact us by e-mail and indicate copyright infringement in the subject of the email. 

  1. Prohibitions;

 You are entitled to use the Qari website for legitimate purposes. While registering on our website, you agree that you will not use it for:

  • Any means that violate the local legislation;
  • Humiliating, exploiting, damaging other people;
  • Spreading fraud;
  • Impersonating company, company employee, or any other person;
  • Any other ways that violate the rights of others, are illegal, fraudulent, and cause damage to others.  
  • Do not use the website to interfere, damage, or hinder the operation of the Website; 
  • Do not use any equipment or the software that will aim to collect information from the website, to interfere with the normal functioning of the web site;
  • Do not try to receive access to the authorization information of our customers. 

The website and its content are exclusively owned by LLC Mercury and are protected by Georgian legislation. 

  1. Exclusion of responsibilities;

By registering on the website, the customer confirms that he/she has full capacity to use the website according to his / her own free will and risk.

Qari provides the access to the Website and the provision of the services in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this document. However, Qari does not take responsibility for the damage caused by third parties and for the services they offer. Qari is not responsible for the website or service being permanently accessible or free from software bugs, viruses, or other errors.

Qari is not responsible for any damage that may occur through negligence, as well as cases where the information required for user authorization has been transferred to a third party.

Qari and all of its employees exclude any liability (including fees paid for attorney services, fees related to litigation, or arbitration) in the event of your breach of this document. Moreover, for events of violation of the legislation of Georgia.

If the court determines the liability of Qari, it will be limited by the amount of the value of the disputed product. The company is not responsible for any damages and delays that may arise with the participation and delayed work of third parties - ISPs, mobile companies, etc. 

  1. Term;

These rules apply to each user before canceling his/her user registration.

  1. Links for other websites;

The website contains links that are not the property of LLC Mercury. LLC Mercury is not responsible for the content, services, privacy policies, etc. of other websites.

When redirected to another website, please read their documentation separately. Qari is not responsible for any damages that may be incurred by such websites and the use of the services offered by them.

  1. Termination; 

You have the right to discontinue using the Website at any time. To cancel your account, please, email us.

Each payment by the customer for each order, additional to each delivery by the courier is considered as the termination of the contract with its full performance.

  1. Legislation;

Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy must be defined in accordance with Georgian law.

The parties agree that in case of dispute, they will try to resolve the dispute through negotiations. In case of the impossibility of successful completion of the negotiations, the parties are authorized to apply to the Tbilisi City Court.

If any part of these Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy is declared annulled and void by the court, it will not result in the nullity of other content.

  1. Amendments;

Qari is entitled to change these Terms and Conditions occasionally. Every modification will be published on the Qari website and will be in legal force from the moment of publication. Your continued usage of this website will be deemed as the consent on amended Terms and Conditions. In case you do not agree with amendments please, do not use the website.